A city emerged from the clash of cultures: Native American, European, African, and even pirates are among the influences that made Cartagena a treasure that every person in the world can enjoy and does not require an exaggerated effort to achieve it. It takes much more than a weekend to travel every corner of this paradisiac place, every little detail is important, from the huge and colorful houses with beautiful colonial architecture to the cobbled streets. Starting to list the details that make this city so incredible is an arduous and long task, so the best option is to simply visit it, there is no other way.

Cartagena has something magical that enamora any person that passes by there, the blue sky in the day or the lights of the old lamps in the street
They do not exist bad time to leave, there is always something to do.


Not only its incredible architecture, its climate or its appearance are important and remarkable, also and even more important than the rest, there are people, their hospitality and kindness are almost involuntary, it is within their culture, in their blood, almost inside Its DNA, is a value that transmits from generation to generation, this is what moves the Cartagena, it is no use having a dream city if people are not completely appropriate and committed to bring to light all the qualities, The people who live there and who were born there are totally ingrained and love their city like their mother, are proud to belong to walled city, walk, live and breathe history and culture, sea, sand, sun, in their eyes is reflected The joy, in their minds has embedded the images of the old houses with huge balconies full of garden, vines growing in the columns of houses.

Perhaps it is a daring to say that 80% of the world’s population knows the existence of Cartagena de Indias, but is that the facts leave nothing to the imagination, just take a little vacation there to realize that it is not so Because you can meet people of any number of nationalities, either by a comment from a friend or simply because they heard a conversation of some people on the street, a blog, the newspaper, the news on television or by advertising on the Network, these people manage to get there, maybe many with low expectations, but end up never wanting to leave, this city is hypnotic and addictive in the good sense of the word, it is impossible not to fall in love.

But Cartagena (without demeaning or disregarding its traditions) has also evolved, has not been left behind and has regained the importance it had in the times of its beginnings, but this time it has gone further, since it is not only one of the most Latin America, but also has become a focal point for investment and business at the international level, its infrastructure is projected to become one of the best in the country, as investors everywhere have realized the potential There are in this city and they have not missed any opportunity to make it grow along with their projects.

The investment in Cartagena covers many fields, but in this case specifically we will talk about projects that include hotel and tourism.


The demand for hotels and places where people can stay every year increases considerably, registering more and more people visiting the city whether for business or pleasure, from the simplest hostels to the most luxurious hotel rooms, must There is a considerable increase to be able to supply this growing demand, and that is when a new alternative arrives with force, stomping, since it is something that was not seen a few years ago, and are the homes for tourism purposes, these are apartments houses Or lofts, built with the purpose of being housing projects for families and all types of people, but at one time they became a very attractive lodging option. More specifically, these properties went from being traditional family homes, rented for long periods, to becoming the lifeline of tourism: short-term house rent: an option that was not badly seen and highly accepted by tourists, since these Offer amenities and advantages that hotels and hostels can not offer.

Short-term rental properties (equal to a hotel’s renting a room for one night) can not only be cheaper, but make a person’s stay more pleasant, it is much more attractive than I visit Cartagena And I stay in my own house or apartment to go from hotel to hotel looking for a room that will charge me the same fee for each of the people who go to stay with me. Short-term rental housing is the closest to this, even if it is not an apartment that is purely my property, when I make the reservation, this is going to be the same as when I make a long-term rent to live a Indeterminate time, because it is finally a lease, only that its expiration is much lower than what is customary. I will be able to enjoy all the goods that are inside the property and I will have, unlike a hotel, a space to prepare my own food, since they are apartments built with the purpose of being residential units, they have a kitchen and in this case as Are furnished apartments this will be fully equipped; Not to mention that there is also an area of clothing. Everything you need is there.


These features make renting a short-term apartment a more substantial option than a hotel, generating many long-term rental properties change in modality, but it is true that they may not be fully qualified for this. From a collective need is born a business idea and much more when it involves a sector that moves huge amounts of money as tourism is and in this case the need is to provide tourists with housing if they are fully adapted so that their experience Is completely different from that of staying in a hotel.

Quickly investors and people who love this economic activity, appropriated the need to provide a better care to the people who visit this wonderful city, developing housing projects with an almost 100% commercial and tourist focus. Thanks to this, tourism grows and economic activities increase along with the generation of formal and informal employment, while improving the conditions of Cartagena as hosts.

The bet is getting bigger, innovation is the order of the day, that is why each project that is developed is better than the previous one, as in a learning process practice makes the teacher, learn from the mistakes made and the next Once a new project is undertaken, it is a less concern, attention to detail is greater.

All this has to go hand in hand with the citizens of the common, not only is the big capitalists who are the ones who bring the idea and make it a reality. It is vitally important that the wider community accept and welcome these projects and the best way to realize that this is happening is to include people in the business. Investing is a way of saying “I trust what you’re doing.” If I put my money into a business it is because I strongly believe that this will work.

The housing projects for tourism purposes that have so far been developed in the city have progressed enormously thanks to the fact that they have been well received by the people of the same city and who often end up being also co-owners of these.

Whatever the final destination of acquiring an apartment for these (buy to sell, to live in or to use for short or long term rentals), it is certainly an investment that brings many benefits, this is the best time for such an investment, if now Values for these units are reasonable (a little more affordable to put it somehow), when making the investment effective, the profits are going to be very significant since their value is going to increase considerably.

Opportunities like this will not be seen very often, but will never be seen again, as there are no other places like this elsewhere. Investing in Cartagena at this time is possibly of those things that if you do not already, maybe you do not have opportunity to do later, or maybe if you have but the monetary difference can become astronomical. But let’s not say that it is very important that if you think of Cartagena as a lucrative business opportunity, you have in advance to believe in the city and its development; You have to keep in mind that if you are going to build a bridge it should not be just for you to cross the river. There must be a relationship of mutualism, because after all it is the city that is giving you the opportunity to change your life.

It is necessary to take ownership of the situation, of the city, in the same way that the people who have lived all their life in Cartagena do. If you buy a property in Cartagena are acquiring a piece of this, in addition to helping you write a new story, that’s why commitment is important and your investment bears fruit in the short or long term depends directly on the level of commitment you have and Of the time you devote to your investment.

Thus, Cartagena is one of the best investment options that currently exist, and this is the most appropriate time, since it is a potential giant, but it is not yet and this has the advantage that as mentioned above , The investment is not so great compared to what it is going to be in a few years, it is a moldable market, it is damp clay and you have to take advantage of this before it hardens, it should be made clear that although it hardens you can still work With her, but it will not be as simple as it is now.

It may be thought that this is encouraging the community to make an accelerated decision, but in reality we want to demonstrate that good decisions do not always have to take a huge amount of time and think a thousand times, it is also about having character And take risks. Opportunities are rarely presented twice and it is not very smart to let the first pass make us think that there will be a second chance. What assures you that


Investing in a property is something that you have to know how to do, we ourselves know that when you make an investment and in this case in real estate is not quite straightforward task, since it requires that you shed considerable sums of money and as people who work, We know that getting that money required an effort, a lot of time that you might have used in your family, your friends, your partner or doing the things you like to do, but you decided to spend it working to get that money. It is to stop giving so much value to money and more to the effort to get it.

Our clients before being buyers are people who have worries, fears, living beings who feel, work just like us, who have a family, a social life, passions, goals and goals, and our intention is to keep that lifestyle intact . An investment changes a part of your life because it is going to demand that you dedicate time to this, but we try that this process is not so heavy, we are not limited to the process of buying and selling. We spend time in having multiple skills, something like a broader general culture, so that any concerns you have can solve, whether with respect to laws, taxes, accounting, advertising, etc. What we are trying to do is to be a general guide; We try to cover any need before and after the process of buying and / or selling a property.

Buy and Rent is not a team, is a human team, our responsibility to our customers is socially; We do not try to grow alone, we want to team with you. Alone you arrive faster but in company you get further.