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A must-see destination for both Colombians and people of any nationality is Cartagena. Its attractiveness, whether tourist or business, is recognized internationally; The great variety of activities that can be done here, gastronomy, culture, tourism and much more, make any situation become a reason to visit this incredible city. With the inconvenience that sometimes the experience falls short and one of the reasons that weighs more is the stay.

Conventional hotels do not make the time you spend in the walled city as pleasant as being at home, you always feel like the guest and do not appropriate the wonders Cartagena can offer. The ideal would be to find a place like your home, with its comforts or even more, that you have at your fingertips, what you need like when you are in your house, but certainly that is something quite complicated contemplating the usual options: the hostel Always the hotel of always or sometimes the house of the family of your friend of always, that for sure is a home but not yours. But can you find something like that?

… of course, the solution is to rent a furnished apartment and we have the best; And the best thing is that there is no need to do it for long, no matter if it’s three days or three weeks, you can stay in one of ours.

Buy and Rent de Colombia has five years of experience in this area in the city of Medellín, providing the best lodging in the most exclusive apartments to people from all over the world, who have visited us whatever their motivation was, and thanks to the Success we have had in this city, we are expanding our service and the benefits that this includes, and what better place for this expansion than the city of Cartagena.

That is why in 2016 we will be pioneers in this field, as we will have a considerable amount of apartments in three of the most exclusive, most luxurious and best located buildings. Below we will mention what these constructions and their most important characteristics are.


Hyatt Hotel: Hyatt is a hotel company with more than 50 years of experience in the field, which is a symbol of hospitality and attention to people who have passed through their hotels and / or residential properties, which over the years Managed to recognize Colombia and more specifically the city of Cartagena as a focal point to continue its own expansion process. The residences at this new Hyatt headquarters will have different areas and apartments up to three rooms with all imaginable amenities, such as a 150-meter linear pool, spa, and an Aqua Cielo that has an entertainment area with multiple terraces for Sunbathing and / or lounging in the shade, among many others. Visit the project website …


OCEAN TOWER: Exclusivity could be the second name of this project, since it has a 360 degree panoramic view towards the Bay of Cartagena and the Caribbean Sea, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with luxury finishes, solarium, Turkish, etc. Which make it an obligatory alternative for you to experience this city as never before. Take a look at the Ocean Tower page

PALMETTO BEACHPALMETTO BEACH: This building was built to satisfy the most demanding tastes, finishes, spaces and benefits that this residential complex does not leave anything aside, because all your wishes are fulfilled here: entertainment, gastronomy, location, life Social, tourism … … there’s nothing you want to do that you can not do here. See more detailed information on Palmetto Beach at:

These three projects are key to the development of the city and you can enjoy them as many times as you want at any time you can. The hotel industry is a respectable option when it comes to visiting Cartagena, but renting a furnished apartment is an option that surpasses it and by far, and Buy and Rent Colombia in company of you as our customer we will make a difference.

We accompany you throughout the rental process of the apartment, both in the CHECK IN and CHECK OUT with friendly staff and always ready to help you and solve all your doubts and concerns. Our clients are the engine of our company and therefore we make the greatest effort so that all the time you are staying in one of our apartments, is cause for happiness and enjoyment of your holiday or business stay.

We used to give you recommendations on how to get around the city, what places you can visit such as restaurants, bars, cultural sites, shopping, theaters, picnic areas, events, etc .; In summary the responsibility with our guests is not limited only to your stay in the chosen residence, but it is a set of variables that we take into account and that we try to the maximum do not leave anything aside, it is that eagerness to make you feel like us We would like to feel ourselves when we visit a place by own decision or for reasons that are out of our control many times and more considering that in this case the place to visit is one of the most wonderful destinations that we can find.

As for the furniture of the apartments, we have professional advice, so that the decoration and all the elements that compose it are unique pieces that are always at the forefront, transforming the spaces into warm and welcoming places for your stay to be one Exclusive experience and without equal.

So it’s time to change, no more hotel rooms !, go to Cartagena to know that you already have your own home there, we will be waiting with open arms, Buy and Rent Colombia is for you at all times for what you need , There is no alternative that suits you, luxury and excellent attention are waiting for you, but do not let them wait too long because they are yours and what is yours you must take it right away. The moment to live is now, it is today, so that tomorrow you do not have to lament about the things you did not do, but instead there is within you a feeling of satisfaction because you took the time to live an experience like no other, To enjoy your alone, in the company of your rig, friends or family, the city of Cartagena in a different, innovative and pleasant way.